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Hello. Welcome to my first ‘real’ youtube video.

Recently, I got really into playing a game called Word Blitz on Facebook and thought it would be fun to try to build a machine to play it for me. This video is the result of that experiment. My program looks at the screen of my computer, detects letters, finds words, and moves the mouse to play the game. There are many things I want to try to improve its performance, but this is my version 1.

There were several games where my program scored over 2000 points, but sadly I did not capture them on tape. Oh well. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it. On a side note, I have so much more respect for the YouTubers after creating this video, as I realized the amount of work that goes into this.

As a quick update, I understand that some of the viewers are angry that I am cheating. I want to let you know that, apart from the time that I was developing and filming this video, I have not used this program to play against other people. Thank you again.

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Tools I used:
– iPhone X for filming.
– iMovie for initial editing, but it was so limiting so I switched to Final Cut Pro afterwards.

Relevant links:
– Word Blitz Facebook Page (

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