Top 3: Unique Lunch Spots in Chapel Hill


As a Realtor, I’m always searching for unique lunch spots that show off the local color to my clients. Here are 3 of my go to spots, to make clients say, “Hey, it’s kind of cool here. We weren’t expecting this…”

1: Sandwich. 407 W. Franklin Street. It never disappoints From a BLT that will tempt the most ardent vegetarian to home made potato chips that remind you of the way things tasted in a pre-trans fat world, Sandwich rocks in a slow food movement kind of way.

2 :Sage. 119 Weaver Dairy Rd (Timberlyne shopping center). Sandwiched between a Subway and the Post Office, Sage’s location does not exactly scream cool, but this spot will tempt the hard core carnivore to go vegan. It’s Persian origins are reflected throughout the all vegetarian menu, and the entrées explode with flavor. The lasagna is a can’t miss, but I’ve yet to be disappointed on any selection. A great call for a pre-cholesterol screening meal. Travel note: This summer we met a guy at Whole Food’s in Seattle’s hip Belltown district who helped open Sage. You always run in to someone with a Chapel Hill connection in the cool parts of any town.

3:Fiesta Grill. 3307 W. Hwy 54 (Intersection of White Cross Rd). OK, first off I’m a native southern Californian, lived in San Diego, and practiced commercial real estate right on the Mexican border. I’m passionate about Mexican food, and when my California clients come to town, Fiesta Grill is a requisite. I know their fear and pain: Where can I get my authentic Mexican fix?

Fiesta Grill is so Chula Vista. No frills, in the middle of nowhere, and located in a metal building with a gravel lot next to a Texaco gas station. It took me 10 years to find it and I almost cried when I did. Order the 2 cheese enchiladas, rice and beans and all that’s missing is the cool pacific breeze to make you feel like your back in So Cal. Be sure to ask for Chuey, the owner.

My current Quixotian quest: a local version of In-n-Out Burgers. I’ll keep you posted.


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