Top 10 Reasons Why the Movie “Groundhog Day” is Actually Set in Purgatory

There is an abnormal amount of Internet speculation about the movie Groundhog Day. The Bill Murray vehicle seems to be embraced quite a bit in terms of religious speculation. For one thing, there is the speculation that Phil Conners actually never woke up on February 2nd. Imagine that Conners is actually trapped in between Heaven and Hell and his actions, as well as the actions of others, might be the only way to determine the ultimate fate of his soul.

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10. “You Are Not a God…”
9. Some Souls Can’t Be Saved
8. Ned Ryerson
7. Dante’s Inferno
6. Cerberus
5. Phil Gets A Glimpse Of The True Rita
4. Marie De France
3. Danny Rubin
2. Phil Has “Unfinished Business”
1. Phil Remembers Dying, But Not Death

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