Gathered friends, listen again to our legend of the Bionicle.


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This is a Let’s Play of the Mata Nui Online Game (originally known as the Mata Nui Adventure Game), a flash game developed by Templar Studios and released on the Bionicle website episodically in 2001. The Mata Nui Online Game (known as MNOG for short) acted as the debut of Lego’s Bionicle line, a series of buildable action figures representing bio-mechanical characters who’s story was told by various books and comics released in between 2001 and 2010. MNOG was ahead of its time, being a large-scale immersive storytelling game playable completely within a web browser, as the player takes the role of a Tohunga (later renamed to Matoran) who wakes up on a beach with amnesia and begins to explore the Island of Mata Nui, rescuing the various villages and witnesses the legendary Toa in their struggle against the dark forces of the Makuta.

In this episode of Let’s Play Mata Nui Online Game/Mata Nui Adventure Game, we wake up on the iconic beach, seeing a mysterious canister open in front of us, and briefly witnessing Tahu, the Toa of Fire, from a short distance. We head over to an ancient telescope, where we then learn the backstory of the island, how the Great Spirit Mata Nui brought the Tohunga/Matoran to this island named after him to live in peace, until they were attacked by Mata Nui’s jealous brother, the Makuta. The Makuta cast a spell of Mata Nui, casing him into an endless sleep, and then set out to wreck havoc by corrupting the wildlife on the island. But the Tohunga did not give up hope, as their legends foretold the coming of six mighty warriors, known as the Toa, who would one day arrive on the island and defeat the Makuta. After learning this backstory, we head over to Ta-Koro, the village of fire, meeting the leader of Ta-Koro’s military, Jala, as well as the leader of the village, Turaga Vakama. We also meet Kapura, Vakama’s assistant, pacing around in the ruins of a burnt down forest.


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