Developed by Pixel Blade Games
Made with RPG Maker VX Ace
Steam Page:


Forever Home (not to be confused with Forever’s End) is an RPG Maker game with the following:
-ATB system, with the ability to fill other bars with the shift key. It’s similar to Nocturne: Rebirth’s feature, but not as easily controlled.
-The Shard system, which is similar to Materia from FF7.
-The ability to turn weakened monsters into collectible crystals.
-Usage of both Kaduki and RTP sprites
-QTEs for characters’ ultimate “Prism Link” skills
-Field skills that can deal with obstacles on the map

Steam guide by Firefly130984, FoppyOmega, and Euphoniac:


For some reason, we’re fighting both Blaze and Tren soldiers, even though Slash is supposed to be aligned with Blaze. I’m guessing there’s some kind of infighting at some point?

[ 15:16 ] Boss: Sarge

He has a shield, which makes him weak to Shell Breaker. I really need to get the hang of these Prism Link inputs if I want to survive.


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