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Choose your Toa and begin the ultimate Bionicle adventure, the quest for Makuta!.
Land on the mysterious island of Mata Nui and develop your strengths along your journey! Your goal?.
Find the Temple Lair of the evil Makuta, discover the key to enter and defeat him in battle!.
No adventure will be the same since the island map changes every time you play!.
For 2 to 6 players ages 8 years and over.Players take turns laying out the island game board and placing tokens upon each new map segment. As players traverse the island, they pick up tokens which give them special abilities like greater speed, enhanced combat prowess, instant transport, etc. Combat is simplistic: you roll a die and try to beat the number printed on the token, adding any modifiers you may have accumulated. Winning is done by rolling a higher number than the “boss”. Review: i ordered this for my brother who lives with my elderly parents. he plays by phone with two of his friends. my parents need constant supervision and cant be left alone so this is a nice distraction for him. thank you for such fast shipping and a great product.

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LEGO 31390 Bionicle Quest for Makuta Adventure Game:


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    LEGO 31390 Bionicle Quest for Makuta Adventure Game

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