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Playlists of Devil May Cry (DMC Reboot NOT INCLUDED)
Devil May Cry 1 ▶
Devil May Cry 2 ▶
Devil May Cry 3 (This video playlist) ▶
Devil May Cry 4 ▶
Devil May Cry 5 ▶

Originally released in 2005 only on PlayStation 2, in 2006 re‐released as Special Edition and in 2012 remastered release to HD on both consoles PS3, PS4, 360 and Xbox One. It is said Devil May Cry 3 is the most difficult game in the series, the original release is often regarded as one of the most difficult games of all time as enemies and bosses are generally get tougher while the player gets weaker as the difficulty increases.

A prequel to the original of Devil May Cry, a younger Dante and his twin brother, Vergil the eldest of twin sons of the demon Sparda and human Eva. Vergil the main antagonist rejecting his humanity and embracing his demonic heritage, while younger brother Dante embrace of humanity rejects of the demonic.
Vergil and a man named Arkham release two thousand years ancient unholy tower ‘Temen-ni-gru’ in the city, which was sealed by Sparda deep underground confiscate the names of demons resemble fallen angels presenting the demonic gatekeepers as the SEVEN DEADLY SINS, appears from the Divine Comedy the layers of Purgatory. Both Vergil and Arkham lure and use Dante to unlock the gate to the demon realm along with an uninvited guest.

Gameplay Set:
Turbo Mode – 20% faster than normal
Gold- Retry from the last checkpoint (before entering the room)

This Quality Video: 1080p and 60FPS
Game Capture Card: Elgato HD
PlayStation 3 Setting: Video Output Setting – Resolution: Standard (PAL), 480p, 720p
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 (64-bit)

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