In this video watch as Spider man plays against Grinch in Burger Mania! See who can create the most burgers first! The winner of this game challenge will win an egg surprise! What toy could be inside? This family fun and kids friendly game is fun for all ages! Try to beat the clock as you build the burger according to the egg! Whoever gets 4 burgers correctly first will the toy in the egg surprise! Watch the Grinch and Spider Man play to collect toys from the egg surprises! We hope you like this game!

Our channel features a lot of learning opportunities, characters in real life, challenges and lots of fun! Stay tuned for upcoming videos with more challenges featuring spiderman, joker, ninja turtle, batman, iron man, and of course surprise eggs for the winner!! Upcoming videos will include Fish and Chips, Let’s Go Fishing, Ned’s Head, Wet Head, Pie Face challenge, Doggie Doo, Boom Boom Balloon and more!!

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