Spellbreak’s spell combination system is my favorite part of the whole game. Weaving different spells together to be a battle mage is all well and good; but my interest doesn’t lie in how it functions as a battle royale. Instead I just love the spell casting system found and honestly just want some less pvp focused game to jack it. Only half kidding.

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This video is more a resource to see all the different elemental spells currently in Spellbreak – as well as all the ways they interact.

Spellbreak as a battle royale game is really interesting because it infuses many RPG elements into it and then tacks on this crazy elemental spell system. Spellbreak is a battle royale that is appealing outside of it’s genre.

I have a few codes for Spellbreak. If you’re reading the description and want one.. write a joke in the comments. I’ll choose a few and send you a message when I get home from work.

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